On-site Influenza Clinic

Southeast District Health Department


March 2016

Dear Area Business,

Southeast District Health Department would like to offer our influenza clinics at your business in September or October, 2016.  This on-site influenza clinic is quick and efficient for everyone involved.  SEDHD offers our patrons convenient and quality service without the hassle of taking off work and paying for an office visit.  The $25.00 cost per vaccine would be charged to the business.  Having vaccinated staff means fewer sick days due to influenza and a healthier business overall.


Please indicate your business’s interest:  ____________ Yes

____________ Thank you, but not at this time.


Number of employees that would receive the flu vaccine: __________


We will contact you with a finalized clinic date once all interested businesses have responded.


In order to guarantee the vaccine availability, please return this response by March 28, 2016.


Christine Eltiste, RN


Immunization Nurse

Southeast District Health Department