In most areas, you’d have to visit four or five small towns to achieve the level of festival action available in Nebraska City. How do we do it? Volume. Why do we do it? Because we like you. If you can only attend one festival, which should it be? That’s like asking Johnny Appleseed to choose his favorite tree. It’s a question he can’t possibly answer because he died in 1845.

Lemon Days

July 23rd - 25th, 2020
This is where we turn lemons into lemonade. And by lemonade we mean bargains. We can’t claim that this is the world’s biggest sidewalk sale, but that’s only because we’re too busy saving money to do the research.

Arbor Day Winner's Circle

April 26th, 2019
Congrats to all the winners from the 2019 Arbor Day!
Arbor Day Winner's Circle

Shop Small & Holiday Auction

November 30th - 15th, 2019
We encourage you to SHOP SMALL every day of the year, but especially around the holidays. Our local businesses are and have always been the mainstay of our community!

Shop the City Holiday promotion starts with SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY after Thanksgiving.
Shop Small & Holiday Auction

Late Night with NCTC

January 25th - 25th, 2020
The 95th Annual Nebraska City Tourism & Commerce Banquet - This is the night we celebrate all things Nebraska City!
Late Night with NCTC

Arbor Day 2020: Remember Your Roots

April 24th - 26th, 2020
Nebraska City hosted the first Arbor Day celebration in 1872, and we make it a little better each year.

Independence Day Celebration

July 4th, 2020
Plans to move the event to Labor Day in September are being disucssed.

A small-town celebration of freedom the way George Washington intended. Complete with an hour-long fireworks extravaganza of, yes, extravagant proportions.

Over 600 aerials and 14 ground displays set to music